Do Wired Smoke Detectors Go Bad?

In order to detect the presence of smoke or fire, wired smoke detectors are put in residences. These detectors are wired into the home’s electrical system and typically have backup batteries in case of a power loss. Wired smoke detectors may fail over time, which is a common question.

Do Wired Smoke Detectors Go Bad?

Yes, even hardwired smoke detectors have a limited working lifetime of 10 years and need to be replaced to ensure the safety of your household. This applies to all types of smoke alarms, including those that use photoelectric or ionisation technology, as well as battery-operated ones. Regularly replacing smoke detectors is crucial to maintaining a safe living environment.

What Causes Smoke Detectors on Wires to Fail?

Smoke detectors that are wired have a limited lifespan and may stop working for a number of different causes. The following are some of the most frequent causes of wired smoke detector failure:


Smoke detectors that are wired only have a 10-year life expectancy. After this point, the detector can start slowing down and stop picking up smoke or fire. It is important to replace smoke detectors after 10 years. Regularly checking the batteries is also necessary to ensure the detectors are functioning properly.

Dust and Debris:

Dust and debris may stack up on the smoke detector’s sensors, blocking the device’s capacity to detect smoke or fire. For instance, if the detector has been located in a dusty area, such as a basement or attic, cleaning it regularly is necessary to ensure that it is able to detect smoke or fire.

Electrical Issues:

A failing smoke detector may be the result of an electrical issue with the home’s wiring.

Smoke detectors that are wired to a home’s electrical wiring however contain backup batteries in case their original batteries run out. The smoke detector may not work correctly if the battery expires. You should test your smoke alarms every month, and if they use regular batteries, you should replace the batteries at least once a year.


How often should I replace my wired smoke detector?

Wired smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years.

How can I clean my wired smoke detector?

You can clean your wired smoke detector by using a soft brush to remove any dust or debris from the sensors.

Can a wired smoke detector be installed without an electrician?

It is recommended that a licensed electrician install a wired smoke detector.

Can a wired smoke detector be tested?

Yes, it is.

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