What Is Hush Mode On A Smoke Detector?

Hush mode” is a feature found on some smoke detectors that allows for a temporary desensitization of the alarm circuit for approximately 7 minutes. This feature can be activated by pressing the “HUSH” button on the smoke alarm cover and is meant to be used in instances where a known alarm trigger, such as cooking smoke, has set off the alarm.

By utilizing the Hush mode, you can quickly silence a false alarm without disabling the smoke detector’s overall functionality.

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Difference Between Hush and Smart Hush

Hush and Smart Hush are both products designed to help reduce noise in the home.

Hush is a soundproofing product that uses insulation and acoustic barriers to reduce sound transmission from outside sources. It requires installation and is most suitable for soundproofing a single room or area. It is available in a variety of materials and thicknesses, so you can customize the level of soundproofing you need.

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Smart Hush is a sound dampening product that uses high-density foam panels to absorb sound waves. It is designed to reduce noise levels without the need for installation. Smart Hush is ideal for soundproofing larger areas such as whole rooms, hallways, and entire floors. It is also more cost-effective than Hush, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

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How to turn off hush mode on fire alarm?

To turn off Hush mode on a fire alarm, the following steps should be followed:

  • Locate the Hush button or switch on the alarm. This may be located on the alarm unit itself or on a separate control panel.
  • Press and hold the Hush button or switch for several seconds until the alarm sounds stop. This may take up to 10 seconds.
  • The alarm will then reset itself to normal operating mode.
  • If the alarm does not reset, then the power supply may need to be reset or checked.
  • If the alarm still does not reset, then contact a qualified technician or the manufacturer of the alarm system for further assistance.

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How long does hush last on smoke detector?

The “HUSH” feature on a smoke detector allows for temporary desensitization for about 7 minutes. It should only be used in the event of a known alarm trigger, such as cooking smoke. The smoke alarm can be desensitized by pressing the “HUSH” button on the smoke alarm cover.

How to disable kidde smoke alarm?

To disable a Kidde smoke alarm, you can use a screwdriver to break through the label and turn the screw to the “OFF” position. This will deactivate the alarm and stop any low battery chirps. By doing this, the alarm will be safe for disposal as the battery will be drained.

How to use hush button on smoke detector?

To use the hush button on a smoke detector, simply locate the “Test/Hush” button on the cover of the smoke alarm. Press the button to desensitize the alarm. If the smoke or debris is not too dense, the alarm will silence immediately. However, if it is interfering with the sensor, the alarm may override the Hush feature.